Cascading Slopes is the new project of Jacob Graham, founding member and synthesist of indie-pop group The Drums. He began his professional music career a decade ago touring and playing synthesizers for the seminal Christian synth-pop band Joy Electric.

With Cascading Slopes, Jacob returns to his roots, once again surrounded by radiant, intricately layered synthesizers crafted in the fashion and discipline of the great synthesizer pioneers of old. Electronic music's propensity for the experimental and the avant-garde is all but absent here, replaced instead with concise songs arranged comfortably in the popular folk style.

The forthcoming album Towards a Quaker View of Synthesizers took two years to complete from its inception and was made using strictly voltage-controlled instruments. Its subject matter is both allegorical and personal, reflecting Graham's transition from a rigorous Protestant upbringing to his eventual conversion to The Religious Society of Friends--more commonly known as Quakers.

This "Quaker approach" to electronic music is one of simplicity and thoughtfulness achieved by programming sounds that are harmonious with the natural world. (For more information please read the essay Towards a Quaker View of Synthesizers.)

In concert Cascading Slopes is a fully realized electronic chamber orchestra with the assistance of David Barnhart and René Pérez on synthesizers and Caleb Graham providing live electronic rhythms. They will be performing throughout the tri-state area in the coming year.



13th, 20th & 27th

158 Ludlow St.
New York, NY



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